AS YOUR EYES SCAN the words across the page, you are engaged in one of nature’s most divine works involving sound. You’re giving life to the vibrations of our minds, hearts, and souls by allowing our words—sounds—access to your divine essence. You are not reading a book. You are resurrecting sounds, vibrations, and ideas into the global consciousness and the greater cosmos—living fields made of sound.

In fact, you may be reading this while sitting comfortably in a room. Look around for a minute. The walls, the floor, the ceiling, the furniture, the air in the room, and the very sunlight beaming through the windows are all sounds. Yes, you are sound too!

Sound is the most ubiquitous element in nature. In fact, nature is entirely made up of sound. All the elements that form the galaxies, planets, and stars, down to every living and nonliving matter in the entire universe, are essentially sound at the subatomic levels. Beyond the material nature, there are the vibrations of reality, consciousness, and the essence of life itself, all manifestations of sound.

AFTER SEVEN YEARS of intensive research, reflection, and writing the João Mendes and Ramiro Mendes—Mendes Brothers—finally launched their debut book, entitled, SOUND—The Fabric of Soul, Consciousness, Reality, and the Cosmos.

Debuting worldwide on Amazon, March 21, 2017, Sound is a spiritually uplifting book about the human essences of soul, consciousness, reality, and the living energy behind nature and the cosmos. The book explores the realms of thought, emotion, attention, intention, mind, soul, consciousness, music, rhythm, and reality from a refreshing and intuitive perspective. Using sound as the tool to probe human reality, the authors also present new insights into the essence of peace, agreements, health, and the evolution of human society while offering unconventional solutions to human conflict and the survival of our species and our planet. Sound is based on the authors’ personal experiences and on timeless traditional wisdom, music, and ancient cosmology, combined with the latest research in physics, biology, and subtle energy.


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Love is the vibration of life



João Mendes
Musician, author, artist, and humanitarian

João is an intuitive writer, singer, composer, producer, visual artist, and humanitarian. He is an avid reader with extensive self-study in African and ancient Egyptian history and cosmology. A recipient of the Medalha de Mérito by the government of Cape Verde Islands, João has conducted extensive humanitarian efforts in promotion of peace and national reconciliation in PALOP, Africa. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in business management from Bridgewater State University in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.


Ramiro Mendes
Musician, author, artist, and humanitarian

A visionary musician, writer, composer, arranger, producer, visual artist, and humanitarian, Ramiro holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees in film scoring and commercial arranging from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. He is a recipient of the Medalha do Vulcão and Medalha de Mérito from the office of the president and government of Cape Verde Islands, respectively. Ramiro has led extensive humanitarian efforts in promotion of peace and national reconciliation in PALOP, Africa.

Sound is the future. Light is the present