Music is an agreement of cosmic nature


SOUND IS AN INFINITE ELEMENT. Its diversity and complexity defies our current understanding. Every field of education boils down to the study of sound: physics, music, biology, chemistry, architecture, psychology, sociology, linguistics, communications, consciousness, spirituality, and so on. Still, these divine vibrations refuse to give up their deep secrets.

With this book, we strive to bring an understanding of sound beyond its physical manifestation and into the realm of human soul, consciousness, reality, and the cosmos. We analyze the essence of thought, emotion, attention, intention, mind, soul, consciousness, ego, music, rhythm, and reality. Using the prism of sound, we also examine some of the most crucial challenges facing humanity, including global peace, unity, health, and the survival of our species, and we offer personal stories, mixed with timeless wisdom, gleaned from many ancient civilizations.

Above all, we decided to write this book to promote a new global consciousness based on the sound of love. Love is the vibration of life. Love is the true resonance of our souls. Only by encoding our thoughts, emotions, and actions with the energy of love, kindness, compassion, and goodwill will we manifest a human reality that is harmonious and life sustaining.

We thank you for joining us in co-creating this new world, a human community dedicated to harnessing the primal love sound of our hearts and souls to create an abundant and peaceful world.